A year of Overwatch

Blizzard’s shooter turns one year old and invites you to the birthday party.

A year ago, the gaming world welcomed the newest title from Blizzard, Overwatch. This game was born from the ashes of the scuttled Project Titan, and rose again to heights that even Blizzard might not have been able to predict. Now the game is celebrating the first full year of release with new content for fans to enjoy.

Additions to the game for the event include three new arena maps. Necropolis, explained to be the hideout of hero, Ana Amari is the first. Next, the oceanside hacking den of Sombra, Castillo, allows players to fight it out in an environment similar to Dorado. Finally, enjoy running through the mists of Black Forest, in the same vein as Eichenwalde.

As is the norm, there are a number of new skins that have been added for the event. Eleven new skins are up for grabs this time with popular ones in the community being the Graffiti Tracer, Cruiser D.Va, and the Cyborg:76 skins. There are also new emotes, and more.

Overwatch ushered in what seems like a new era for Blizzard by expanding into the first person shooter genre. Since adding the title to their lineup, Blizzard has seen incredible success. It has been the recipient of many awards, including multiple Game of the Year awards. As of the first quarter of 2017 revenue from the game exceeded $1 Billion.

The future for the game looks bright as it seems to continue enticing new players join the ranks. As of April 2017 there were over 30 million players. In the first year the game has enjoyed a massive social media presence which has inspired memes as well as provided the community with seemingly endless amounts of great fan art.

Players are looking forward to the launch of the next generation of Overwatch eSports, Overwatch League. This series, announced at BlizzCon in 2016, promises to change the way that eSports is run by selling franchises in various cities and more. Blizzard has not provided a lot of information about the league yet, and it is yet to be confirmed whether they will hit their target launch of Q3 2017.

However, this week also brought the announcement of Overwatch Contenders. This seems to be along the lines of the promised open draft of the Overwatch League. There will be an open qualifier for teams, leading to a playoff with a $50,000 prize pool per region. You can find more info and follow the action on their website.

If you have not purchased the game, or if you want to pick it up for a friend or in a different platform, this is the best time because you can grab the game for $29.99 or you can get the Game of the Year edition for $39.99 on PC, Xbox One, or PS4 through June 5.



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