About Us

Our Mission: 

To provide a reputable and enjoyable source for video game news.

Pixel Prowler was formed to be a new outlet for video game news. Many of the contributors to the FrozenFox Media Network host podcasts which focus on games from Blizzard Entertainment. Since many of the hosts play a number of games outside of that subset, the idea was proposed to find a new outlet.

The network didn’t simply want to create a new podcast about games since they already have one established that covers games generally. The idea was proposed to add a new type of content to the network, writing. This idea allowed a great amount of flexibility to cover video game news while preserving the podcast content that was already established.

Pixel Prowler is a collaboration of contributors from all walks of life. There are content creators from podcasting and other forms of media, video game enthusiasts, and other individuals who give of their time to help make this site your source for video game news. We are a very small operation which operates from out-of-pocket funding, but if you would like to contribute, please feel free to contact us.