Code of Ethics

Even as volunteer contributors, each of the contributors to Pixel Prowler adhere to a strict code of conduct. For your reference that code is displayed here. This set of rules is not all inclusive and may be modified from time to time. We created and published this to ensure that we present the news to you in the most proper form.

Personal Conduct

  • Contributors to our site will not discriminate, disparage anyone on the basis of race, gender, sex, religion, political affiliation, sexual preference, or age.
  • Contributors will not engage in harassment or any other unprofessional behavior on this site or during any affiliated activities.
  • Contributors are independent and may express their own opinions on their own websites, social media accounts, or other locations.
  • If there is any conflict of interest in an article, review, or other content, the author will fully disclose the conflict. If the conflict will affect the contributor and their ability they will recuse themselves from the activity.

Review Guidelines

  • Reviews of video games or other products will be conducted in an independent, impartial, and professional manner.
  • Contributors do not discuss their reviews or scores with publishers or developers before the review is published.
  • Review scores may be adjusted after published if it is found that a different score would be appropriate because of unknown hardware issues that hamper performance not caused by the publisher or developer.
  • Contributors will not accept gifts or payments in exchange for preferable review scores. (Though review copies of games or other products may be accepted for the purpose of reviewing the game it will not be received with any conditions that a favorable review will be given, nor will it guarantee that a game or product will be reviewed.)

Advertising/Sponsorships/Affiliate Programs

  • While we currently do not run any advertisements on our website we may in the future. Advertisements will not be conditional upon favorable reviews or other content.
  • We may have articles, audiovisual content piece,¬†or reviews which are part of a sponsorship or affiliate agreement. Reviews of items provided by sponsors will still be presented in an independent, impartial, and professional manner. If an article, audiovisual content piece, or review is part of a sponsorship or affiliate agreement, it will be conspicuously disclosed.


  • All sources will be credited for any information used in articles, reviews, or other content.
  • We do not offer any payment for sources.
  • If sources wish to remain anonymous, we will fully protect their identity, but we will require verification of their identity.