Battlefield 1 beta the biggest in EA history

The excitement for the upcoming Battlefield release boils over during the beta. 

A thank you note was posted to the Battlefield news site today wrapping up the Battlefield 1 open beta. In this post, we are informed that this has been the biggest beta yet for Electronic Arts in what the post writer, Aleks Grondal calls, “a huge feat!” In addition to the thank you we are treated to an infographic of statistics from the beta.

Some of the highlights from the beta include the fact that 13.2 million players participated in the event. There were 28.9 million melee kills recorded, and there were 62.2 million kills tallied up by players on horseback.

The post concludes with an expression of thanks for all of the feedback garnered during the beta event. There is also a promise that the light tank will be getting another pass as Grondal notes, it “performed a little too well.”

This iteration of the game in the Battlefield series is based around the World War I era with the story being inspired by historic events. Battlefield 1 will be available worldwide on October 21. You can check out the post and infographic for yourself here.



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