Destiny: Rise of Iron arrives next week

Rise of Iron is dropping next week, and there is a lot to look forward to. 

The newest Destiny expansion, Rise of Iron, goes live September 20 and brings a load of new features and content with it. Guardians will be able to explore the Plaguelands, where the devil splicers are gathering. Those who venture in will join Lord Saladin in an effort to combat this enemy force.

Check out the newest trailer. 

In addition to the new story, players will be able to enjoy a new raid, Wrath of the Machine, which has them fighting a massive, mechanical amalgamation as it chases them. There will also be a new strike to play through, and of course, the expansion will feature a number of new weapons, armor, and other gear to collect.

For those who enjoy the PVP aspect of the game, new crucible maps, Icarus (which is a PlayStation exclusive) and Floating Gardens will make their debut. A new mode, Supremacy, will be shipping with for the game to keep you busy too.

Rise of Iron is available for pre-order now from major retailers for $29.99. Those who choose to reserve their copy ahead of time will receive the Iron Gjallarhorn when the game launches.


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