Heroes of the Storm heads to Volskaya

More Overwatch based content arrives in the nexus soon.

In the past few days the Heroes of the Storm team at Blizzard have been rolling out introductions of the next event which will be arriving in game, Assault on Volskaya Foundry. The newest event takes inspiration from Overwatch, and it includes a new map, two new heroes, and several mounts, sprays, and more.

Kicking things off is the introduction of a new map, Volskaya Foundry. In this map, teams will vie for control of a number of capture points around the map which will spawn. These control points also feature a system like the Overwatch control point capture system. This means that when a control point is on the verge of capture, the other team can still have a chance thanks to the ‘overtime’ system which will give you a chance to turn the tide. Those familiar with Overwatch will already be acquainted with this system.


Capturing these points gives you access to a new unit. Similar to the garden terror or the dragon knight of other maps, a player will be able to control a powerful mech unit, the Triglav Protector. To make things more interesting, there is a Cho’gall type twist to this unit because two players can enter the mech. One acting as a pilot, and the other being the gunner. The protector is a dangerous unit with many abilities to watch out for, so be sure to take it out quick. The map also features other new elements like moving conveyor belts to keep you on your toes.

Look out for the protector.

The event will also introduce two new heroes. Ana and Junkrat from Overwatch will be joining the lineup. While no details have been released about how Junkrat will play, we do have a breakdown of the abilities that Ana players will have access to.

Like her kit in Overwatch, Ana has the ability to heal and damage. Her primary abilities include her healing dart, as well as her biotic grenade. The grenade providing an area of effect which increases healing for allies, but stops healing for enemies caught in range. She also has her signature sleep dart which can disable her target for three seconds. She also has her trait, shrike, which allows Ana to apply a stacking poison debuff to enemies.

The coming game home screen background.

Her heroic abilities feature her well know nano boost, which increases the spell power of the target and allows their cooldowns to recharge 150% faster. The other heroic ability to choose from is eye of horus. This ability has Ana assume a sniping position anywhere on the map. She can then fire up to 8 special shots which have global range and depending on whether they hit an ally or an enemy they will heal or damage that player.


All of this is coming soon to the game, and of course, there are several mounts, skins, sprays, and other content coming to the game as well. Check out the video above for the content under development which you should see in the nexus soon.



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