More revealed about Destiny 2 today!

Today’s Destiny 2 event provided more insights into what is to come.

Fans of Destiny gathered in Los Angeles and around the world this morning to get a glimpse of the gameplay coming in Destiny 2. Bungie put on an event to show off the new aspects of gameplay with a number of speakers taking the stage to explain the direction the team is taking with the sequel and a good amount of cinematics and gameplay footage.

Luke Smith kicked off the presentation by explaining the philosophy that Bungie took when developing the next game in this successful franchise. He said that they first wanted to create a world that pulls you in. Next, they wanted to give you amazing things to do, and lastly, make it so you always have someone to play with.

The game will have a bigger emphasis on the story with characters that you will get to know more about as you spend time with them. The team wants to foster a connection between you and the prominent faces in this world as you fight alongside them against the threat posed by the Red Legion. As revealed in the footage shown, you come face to face with Dominus Ghaul, the leader of this army of Cabal.

There were also more details explained about some of the new super abilities to come. Hunters can swing Arcstrider, an electrified staff, to destroy their foes. Titans have a subclass, Void Titan, that allows them to use  a glowing shield that they can bash enemies with, or throw in a way similar to Captain America. Finally, Solar Warlocks can wield the Dawnblade. This weapon will allow them to unleash swipes of fire at those who stand in their way.

The weapon loadouts will also be changing and will now be categorized into three subtypes: kinetic, energy, and power weapons. The team wants to allow players to have freedom in what they carry with them rather than being stuck with single types.

There were also new quality of life changes such as less loading by allowing players to jump into activities without having to go to orbit first. There is an upgraded heads up display that will provide more information in Crucible matches that will show you when opponents have their super ability ready or if they have power ammo. The Crucible will also now be 4v4 across all modes and a new game type, Countdown, is being added.

To help more players enjoy playing with friends as well as allowing solo players the chance to experience end-game content  Destiny 2 will feature what is being called Guided Games. This will allow players in clans (another new feature coming to the game) to group with solo players to allow for more flexibility in forming groups.

At the end of the presentation, there was a surprise message from Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime explaining that Destiny 2 will be coming to PC players via Battle.Net. This move solidifies the bond between Blizzard games and others in the Activision portfolio and possibly paves the way for future releases on that platform. You can watch the entire replay of the presentation below.

Destiny 2 will be released on September 8 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.




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