Nuclear warfare and more comes to Heroes of the Storm

The newest Heroes of the Storm content patches are filled with new heroes, maps, and more. 

The recent outpouring of new content wrapped around the Machines of War event in Heroes of the storm continues to give players new challenges to face. Two new battlegrounds, Braxis Holdout and Warhead Junction, make their debut.

Each battleground is themed around terran styled backgrounds and story. There are also two heroes who will be joining the ranks, Alarak from StarCraft and Zarya from Overwatch. New mounts and skins also round out the latest offerings.

New Battlegrounds 

In Braxis Holdout players fight in an abandoned site where the Dominion conducted experiments to weaponize the zerg swarm. Teams can use map mechanics to unleash large groups of zerg upon their enemies.


The other battleground, Warhead Junction, allows players to wield nuclear weapons against their foes. Periodically, nuclear warheads will spawn across the map. Heroes can collect them and then launch a nuclear strike to decimate the other team.

New Heroes 

The prominent Legacy of the Void character, Alarak, has come to the lineup of heroes. This melee assassin packs a powerful punch with his lightning surge ability. He can also create chaos or help pick off enemies with his telekinesis ability in which he creates a force that can push his enemies or himself in a targeted direction.


Zarya from Overwatch also joins the fray and brings a set of abilities with her similar to her playstyle in her own game. She has her particle grenade she can launch as well as her personal barrier and shield ally abilities. Her heroics are graviton surge, which draws enemies to the center of a targeted point. She also can use the expulsion zone heroic ability to do the opposite and repel enemies from an area.


Machines of war brings new, and sometimes often chaotic, action to the nexus. Go and check it out for yourself and let us know what you think about the new content.Remember to listen to the Dirty Casual podcast to keep up on the latest news from Heroes of the Storm. Last week’s episode included more about Alarak and other fun!




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