The top 5 games coming in November!

The holiday season of gaming is upon us, and the heavy hitters of the year are finally here. Assembled below are the top five games that we think you should by this month!


Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare 

The Call of Duty franchise continues on, and while rival EA decided to go back in time to World War I, Infinite Warfare is set far into the future. When this game was first announced many were skeptical about where the series was going, but after months of showing off the game that feeling appears to have subsided. Prepare to take the battle beyond the confines of our planet with space warfare, and, of course, zombies, in Activision’s latest addition to the storied franchise. The game releases on all platforms November 4.


Pokémon Sun and Moon 

The internet has been ablaze for the last few months as the details of the newest Pokémon game have been trickling out. Social media has been swooning over the newest Pokémon to be found in Sun and Moon. The game will allow you to explore the new Alola region of the game with not only new Pokémon, but also new forms of your old favorites. New features such as the Battle Royal format, Island Challenge, and more. The only thing you have to decide is which starter you will choose when the game releases on November 18.


Watch Dogs 2 

The much anticipated sequel to the popular predecessor has taken lessons from the past to create an even more beautiful and hackable world for players to enjoy. This time set in a fictional version of San Francisco you will play as Marcus Holloway who is working in concert with DedSec, the hacker group. Players can still choose between stealth approaches or to go in guns blazing allowing for flexible gameplay once again, and this time Marcus brings with him a new set of toys such as an RC car and a drone. You can bring the game home and take part in the revolution on November 15.


Final Fantasy 15 

Take to the world of Eos in the newest title in this long standing series of popular games. The long masses have waited for years for this title to finally hit, and so far it looks to be another enjoyable player in the FF market. Players can look forward to battling in the Active Cross Battle system in which your actions are no longer in a menu, but rather bound to your controller buttons. Level using the Ascension Grid system, and learn abilities with the familiar ability points. Explore the story of this world and the two main characters, Noctis and Lunafreya when the game releases on November 29.


Killing Floor 2 

The second installment in this bloody shooter series has you blasting your waves of Zeds in this fast paced sequel with dynamic difficulty. Set one month after the first game, Killing Floor 2 expands on the first one by giving you even more to kill. There is now a PVP mode where players can play as a Zed to kill the mercenaries too. You might have already played this game thanks to early access, but you can pick up the release version on November 18.


Are you going to be picking up any of these games this month? Did we miss any you think we should have put on the list? Let us know in the comments below!



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